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​​Management philosophy

Ultimate beauty is the harmony of inner and outer

It will be completed for the first time.
Helpful for inside and outside improvement

We will continue to develop beauty products.




``Pink Cross'', which was born in 2003 as the original hyaluronic acid brand, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. This is all thanks to your warm support, and all of our staff would like to express our sincere gratitude.
Hyaluronic acid has become a very popular beauty ingredient not only in Japan but also in Asia. Many brands are now selling products containing hyaluronic acid. Pink Cross is also constantly promoting research and product development on hyaluronic acid, and we received a very popular request for the release of ``Drinking Hyaluronic Acid,'' which is the world's first liposomal hyaluronic acid formulation that uses Zeal technology and has a completely different absorption capacity. I have received it.
I think everyone, regardless of their age, has the desire to stay beautiful forever, which gives them the energy to live a youthful life. No matter how old we get, we believe that by using high-quality supplements and skin care, we can stimulate the latent power of our innate cells and bring about a ``revival of beauty and health.''
Pink Cross aims to create the best products that you yourself would want to use every day. We use luxurious ingredients with proven efficacy, and strive every day to develop products that will please those who prefer authenticity. Thank you for your continued support of Pink Cross.

Representative Director Takahumi Mizuno



​​Takashi Mizuno


Happy advisor. Beauty and health researcher. Belongs to the Hyaluronic Acid Function Research Group. Christian.

Moved to the United States at the age of 16. He majored in journalism at university and worked as a producer at an FM radio station in Los Angeles.

After that, he returned to Japan and launched the ``Pink Cross'' brand in 2003, which continues to this day. Pink Cross was introduced on QVC, one of the world's largest television shopping channels, and has been gaining popularity as a long-selling brand for 20 years.

I took the lead in supporting the most difficult launches of events where I thought women could play an active role, such as the Kobe Collection and Tokyo Girls Collection, and in 2013, I also did makeup for the Kenyan government-sponsored project "World Runway Aid." Volunteer as an artistWe are expanding the scope of our activities around the world.

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